Last month, the Biden administration’s relief bill of $1.9 Trillion was proposed and voted on. Shortly after, Republican Party members in the Congress were publicly celebrating the funding towards their respective districts, after hypocritically voting against the bill.

Main Facts

100 Days Report Card” was released by Republican Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y) in which her achievements were listed, including the $3.7 million grant money given under the Joe Biden signed relief bill to the Beacon Christian Community Health Centre and the Community Health Centre of Richmond.

In March, a press release was put out by the Reps. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y) and Andrew Garbarino’s (R-N.Y) respective offices to celebrate the reversal of cuts in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. They tied to them before sending a letter to the MTA in which they proposed the service cuts.

The development cost of $6.5 billion was accredited from the Biden administration’s relief bill by the MTA leaders. In the New York Post, Andrew Garbarino pointed out that this decision was taken after the House accepted and passed the bill. Whereas, Lee Zeldin declared that he doesn’t support this funding as it is coupled with trillions of dollars of funny money.

Right after the Senate passed the bill without the support of Senator Roger Wicker, he found himself in trouble on Twitter as he tweeted a celebration of $28.6 billion worth of restaurant grant passed by the bill that was proposed by him.

In February, Representative Madison considered the bill as nothing but just a Pelosi settlement. However, last week he tweeted that he was glad to announce grants worth $19 million towards his district’s health centres that were assigned by the relief bill.

What to Expect in the future?

On Thursday, Minority leader and Senator Mitch McConnell predicted that the infrastructure plan proposed by Biden will also be voted against by all Republicans. Instead, they will propose to raise the corporate rate of tax and alarm Biden regarding the state debt situation.