Notable American singer-songwriter, Garth Brooks – probably the only Republican supporter to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony – sang AMAZING GRACE for the crowd. The country music legend performed at the oath-taking ceremony at the Capitol Hill amidst all the criticism.

Garth Brooks was seen sporting his cowboy hat and boots with a black buttoned-down shirt. Even before he took the stage, social media platforms had swarmed up with memes against him for performing at the inauguration ceremony.

Garth Brooks has been advocating LGBTQ+ community rights since the early 90s, and the conservatives continue to support his views.

But today, his staunch followers have called out for boycotting him and asked for an explanation for his decision to attend the ceremony. One of the fan-turned-critic went a step ahead and compared him with the singer of Dixie Chicks.

Amidst all the hatred, there were supporters also, who defended him on every platform by supporting his decision and how his music has always been used as a tool for garnering peace and unity.

In response to all the criticism he yearned – after announcing his acceptance of the invitation to perform – he stated that it is all about reaching across one and other and loving each other. This is the need of the hour to get through the division that is among us.

Criticism is not new to Brooks and he is accustomed to it from the time when he came out in support of gay rights in the early 90s.

He has always done what – in his opinion – is best for humanity. In 1992, when the AIDS epidemic was on an all-time high, he released a song called “We Shall Be Free” which described that everyone has a right to choose whomever they love regardless of gender.