Reese Witherspoon, the legendary actress who has been around in Hollywood for more than 3 decades talks about her journey and how she got control of her life and career back.

“I had a whole moment when I was about 34, where I started to realize I was letting other people be in a lot of control over my life and I didn’t feel comfortable with it,” says Witherspoon. “And I felt like I needed to take control of my career back. Because as a child actor, you just have a different relationship with your representatives. And then I had grown up and I had all the relationships with the heads of the studio and all of that, but I wasn’t making any of the phone calls or taking my career into my own hands. So that, something flipped for me around [age] 34,35.”

“I feel better about stepping into positions of leadership,” she says. “Because I have been doing this for 30 years, I do know what I’m doing. I can get on a set and pretty much tell you what’s happening. And I’m really proud of the fact that I’m a really good problem solver. Part of what is so beautiful about our business is every single movie is this giant collaboration, and you’re only as good as the team that you’re on. So I really enjoy that teamwork. And it’s great to see now women leading those teams.”

The Legally Blonde actress stated that she has been working since a teenager and she finds herself in a pronoun place now where whatever she says has weightage.

She further said that the lockdown taught her a few lessons that she might have been unappreciative about in the pre-pandemic days.

“I think I’m even more appreciative because of that time off during the lockdown, the pandemic, it gave me time to kind of refocus about what I want to do,” she says. “What do I really want to put out in the world? What do I really want to achieve?”

The mere reason why she sold her “highly successful, Emmy winning production company Hello Sunshine”. She said she found new perspectives to achieve career goals.

Reese Witherspoon talked about her latest film Sing 2 and her character in the movie Rosita which is an overworked mother who is dreaming of performing and pursuing her goals.

“I like Rosita’s kids. I just think they’re hysterical. They come in like a little train of people or pigs,” she says. “My son loves the scene in the first Sing where I say ‘Hi Jimmy. Hi Barbara. Hi Kenny. Hi Benza. Hi…’ He’s like, ‘How did you remember all their names?’ I was like, ‘I read it off a piece of paper.'”

Sing 2 is set to be released in theaters and cinemas across America on December 22.