The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star, Rebel Wilson, has been blessing her supporters with her weight reduction roadmap progress snaps and flaunting her amazing new figure.

The 40-year-old actress is calling the year 2020 a ‘Year of Health’, which isn’t the case for a lot of people, but it is for her, as she started her new journey this year.

Rebel has been keeping her fans posted with her quarantine workout progress and she posted a picture where she’s posing in front of a beautiful scene. She has been staying focused on her diet and workout plans throughout the pandemic which shows her dedication.

The actress is seen in a full-black outfit looking beautiful as ever, with a matching designer bag and shoes.

Her fitness goal, which she announced back in May, was to shred off weight to 75kg by the end of 2020. She is currently not very far from making it to that.

Rebel came on a show, last month, where she opened up about her fitness plan during the lockdown and talked about her progress.

She also added how her workout routine has been affected because of the pandemic and the lockdown and how she cannot visit the parks that often. Slowly and gradually the fitness centers are opening up and she believes that would be good for her.

She tried encouraging her followers who might have been quitting since working out isn’t that easy by advising that if they’ve set goals then they should work towards them.

Rebel also mentioned how difficult it gets putting in so much effort and getting slow results which lead to frustration and oftentimes people give up. Sharing a picture of herself she said that it gets annoying to cope up, however, if you are determined enough you will eventually be able to see the progress.