Rebel Wilson shared a very emotional and personal message with her followers over the weekend. She took to her Instagram account and described the bad news that had plagued her as something that “I didn’t have anyone to share with” said the Pitch Perfect actress.

The actress shared a picturesque snap of herself standing on rocks near water with the sun rays flitting through the clouds. The caption of the picture read: “To all the women out there struggling with fertility, I feel ya.”  She further elaborated on how this world has a strange way of working and most of the time, it doesn’t make much sense to the common man. In a world full of darkness and uncertainty, Wilson still manages to keep up a brave front and hopes that the “light about to shine through all the dark clouds.”

Last year, Rebel Wilson had spoken up about her struggle with polycystic ovary syndrome, a disorder that is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the ovaries. Although the side effects vary from person to person, the most commonly associated problems are weight gain and difficulty in reproduction.

The actress has been fairly vocal about her journey with PCOS and how she had just started gaining weight rapidly at the age of 20 in an interview with “E!” At that time, she had just described it as a mere hormonal imbalance that resulted in extensive weight gain. However, now, the effect of the disorder is encompassing a lot more than the initial addition in weight.

At various points in time, Rebel Wilson described how she was overwhelmed by the feeling of sadness. But she never really let the idea of weight gain get to her. “I worked my body to my advantage,” she stated. However, she mentioned how age is catching up with her and now is the time for her to start a family.

Rebel Wilson’s desire to start a family was seen in her Instagram live video last year. In the video, the popular actress was seen talking about the ups and downs of her whole journey, which had brought her to the idea of starting a family.

When Wilson announced this news on Instagram, she was showered with love and prayers from her fans across the globe. A number of wishes poured in from several actors including Jillian Bell who sent her “love” and Alexis Knapp who expressed how she had been through a similar journey.