Bill Maher has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

According to a tweet from the official account “Real Time with Bill Maher“, the 65-year-old comedian tested positive for the novel virus, necessitating the cancellation of Friday’s May 14 taping of his display.

Bill Maher tested Covid positive during weekly personnel PCR checking. The statement said because he is properly vaccinated, he is asymptomatic and looks fine.

The statement continued that the production of the show has taken every precaution in accordance with CDC guidelines.

The statement assured that at this point, no other personnel or crew members tested positive and that the show is to be rescheduled.

As he always does, Maher has been outspoken in his views on the coronavirus pandemic. He recently slammed blue states for closing the schools.

Bill Maher Blames Democrats for Their New ‘morality Kick

Maher took aim at the media’s “panic porn” during the pandemic in his April closing monologue, referencing a Dartmouth report finding that “nearly 90%” of US national media attention was pessimistic in contrast to other nations, even though circumstances improved.

Maher lamented that Democrats exaggerate the risk of COVID to children and the death rate among children, which explains why the states with the largest percentage of still-closed schools are mostly blue states. “If the right-wing media bubble is held accountable for climate change scepticism, shouldn’t mainstream media be held accountable for ‘How did your viewers come to believe such nonsense about COVID?'”

Maher also cited a Gallup poll showing that the vast majority of Democrats incorrectly overestimate the likelihood of contracting COVID, with 41% believing it is at least 50%, although just 10% of Democrats correctly stated that the probability is only 1-to-5 percent, compared to 26% of Republicans.

Maher explained to viewers that because all of our providers of medical information have a motive to misinform us, you end up having a seriously misinformed public, even on the left.