The time was very difficult for the R&B community for losing not one but three of their legends of the music world over the week.

Andre Harrell, a music producer as well as the two musical legends, Richard and Wright have passed away.

Each one of them had a considerable influence on the R&B genre of music and was well known in the world of music generally. If one did not drive the genre further, then the other brought new acts into the world of music.

Wright was not only a legendary performer but also an inspiration to many of the female musicians.

As per Billboard, the melodic Betty Wright passed away on Sunday as she was struggling with cancer, aged 66 at the time of her death.

Steve Greenberg, S-Curve Records chief who partnered with Wright, informed the associated press that Betty had been confirmed with endometrial cancer recently.

As per Billboard, Wright’s career was initiated with a choir, and launched her 1st album in 1968, aged only 14.

She is a receiver of the Grammy award and has been nominated over 6 times for her singles such as “Tonight is the Night” and “Clean Up Woman.”

Famous artists such as Color ME Bad, Chance the Rapper, and Beyoncé have taken some of her songs as samples.

Little Richard made his Rock debut in the 1950s. The shouting, primping, rolling, scene-stirring, early rock ‘ n ‘ roll first arrived on stage with amazing hits such as “Tutti Frutti.”

Apart from music, his stance regarding sexuality was Little Richard’s most recognized apprehension. A couple of years later, he said Penthouse magazine that he had suspected already that he was a bisexual. He further mentioned to the magazine back in 1995 that he has always been homosexual.

Harrell is recognized as a legend in the world of hip-hop. He has also worked as an advisor to Diddy Combs and initiating as well as guiding the professional paths of various artists.

In the 1980s, he began collaborating with Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Harrell later became the general director of the label, and Def Jam Records worked there as VP.