Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian billionaire, recently spotted in news headlines. Mateschitz owns about 49% of the Red bull Company and has the position as a co-founder of the company.

He has also gained much recognition in being the 40th wealthiest person according to Forbes.

The co-founder of the Red Bull had been recently in media attention when he criticized the German government’s decision to open their borders for Syrian refugees.

Many protests can be seen against the football teams owned by the billionaire.

RB Leipzig is a German official football club. The team has been getting a lot of backlash on behalf of its owner. During a football game, fans from the other team had been seen in an over all-black attire made of plastic and held a 15-minute silence.

On another account, the fans threw a served head of a bull at the team to display their anger and frustration. The bull denotes the Red Bull Company owned by the Mateschitz.

During a game in Schalke back in 2017, another display of these sentiments had been observed. In between the game, a banner had been displayed criticizing remarks about the team and Mateschitz.

Their head coach is a very young and bright individual and has the capabilities to nurture the talent of the players. The only setback that the team possesses is that it is under the ownership of Red Bull and hence, they had to face such backlash.

The fans in Germany hence due to its ownership see the team as a brand rather than a sports entity. They believe that the team is a face for the company to promote or market their brand. This negative persona of the team has very devastating effects and the backlash they receive.

The overall fans around Germany thinks differently from what others believe.