The great Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal tested positive for Covid-19 after his return from the exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi last week.

This positive test might complicate the plan of participating in the Australian open for Rafael Nadal.

The Australian Open is supposed to start on 17th January.

The 35 years old tennis player has been in and out of the court for the past year. The player has been undergoing several injuries since the French Open year and he has been trying severely to hit back his previous form.

He had been keenly looking forward to participating in the first glam slam event of the season of 2021.

“I cannot guarantee Australia 100 percent because I need to go home and see how the body responds after these days,” Nadal told reporters. “I have time to make a decision. At this point in my career, I need to go day by day, study each movement well.

Rafael Nadal has been completely vaccinated but it seems like he will not be heading towards Australia for the grand slam.

Rafael Nadal lost back to back matches to Denis Shapovalov and Andy Murray at the Abu Dhabi exhibition event, so he was looking forward to the Australian grand slam.

Rafael Nadal has 20 grand slam titles to his name, tying up with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. He was forced to skip Tokyo Olympics and Wimbledon because of an injury after he lost to Djokovic in the semifinals of the French Open.

Nadal posted in Spanish on Twitter that he was “having some unpleasant moments” since testing positive.

“As a consequence of the situation, I have to have total flexibility with my calendar and I will analyze my options,” Nadal wrote. “I will keep you informed of any decisions about my future tournaments.”

Djokovic is still indecisive about whether he will play the Australian Open or not because of the mandates of the government to be mandatorily vaccinated to participate in the tournament. Djokovic has openly refused to state whether he is vaccinated or not.