Rafael says that there are little hopes for the US in 2020, due to coronavirus and has centered his focus on the Australian open of 2021

Among the many events that have fallen victim to coronavirus, Wimbledon. ATP and WTA tours have also been canceled for the year 2020 where Rafael has secured over 12 titles.

Yet the 19-time winner of Grand Slam is unsure about getting back to court this year.

Rafael commented that it is highly doubtful that things will get back to normal this year while he was in an interview with El Pais, a Spanish newspaper. He is all geared up for Australia Open 2021 and hopes everything to get back to normal.

Nadal has been spending his leisure time quite effectively by supporting the needy and had teamed up with Pau Gasol, and NBA Player. The two have embarked on the “Red Cross Responds” project that provides food to over 1.3 million people in need.

Among the many countries that suffered due to covid-19, Spain has been the most severely affected stating around 25,613 deaths. Nadal aims to help those affected in Spain due to the pandemic by collaborating with other athletes, celebrities, and artists.

Nadal shares his sentiments that being an emotional person it hurts him to see people suffering due to the innumerable deaths. He also points out that being with your family members and hug them was taken for granted by everyone. His appreciation for his family has grown greatly.

Although many events such as WTA and ATP have been canceled Tennis-Point Exhibition Series has allowed players to return to tennis during this pandemic.

The exhibition was organized without spectators, and only three persons were ever-present – the players and the arbiter. Via separate doors, the players came in and out and sat down to each other, but they never crossed the net.