The actress of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” recently had breast reduction surgery, which she announced on social media. Rachel Bloom, 34, said that she chose to get a reduction since her breasts changed significantly after becoming pregnant and breastfeeding.

Not only did Bloom’s boobs increase in texture and size, but they also caused neck discomfort and other complications.

The actress shared on Instagram that she had shoulder grooving and underboob rashes (when the bra strap digs into the skin), neck pain, and night sweats. She said couldn’t sleep without keeping a pillow in between her breasts.

Rachel Bloom said that her breasts were usually a DD/DDD cup size, however, they grew to a G after she became pregnant.

She said that she visited with three different physicians before selecting the physician with whom she thought was most comfortable conducting the reduction operation.

Bloom said her request was to return to her pre-pregnancy size (if not slightly lower).

Bloom’s post-op picture shows her happy and wearing a compression vest while lying in bed.

On Instagram, Bloom captioned that she is still recovering and will see what happens. However, she already feels more secure and relaxed.”

Bloom talked about her breasts in one of her songs “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” prior to the reduction operation. The song’s title was “Heavy Boobs”, and its lyrics stemmed from Bloom’s own experiences.