Rachel Bilson finally announces that she is in love again after going through a bitter breakup with actor Bill Hader about two years ago.

Rachel Bilson revealed that she is not single anymore in the podcast called Call her daddy. The host Alex Cooper asked her directly if she is single and got a firm reply from Rachel Bilson that “I am not.”

Bilson did not reveal the identity of her charming new prince but without giving any details she did give out some hints about her beau.

“Is he bringing you coffee in the morning?” Alex asked. “Is he bringing you missionary?” to which Rachel answered, “F–k yeah.”

Rachel Bilson had announced that she had gone “absolutely devastated” when she split up with Bill Hader about two years ago. They broke up after a year of dating

Rachel Bilson was also photographed by paparazzi on a beach with Zac LaRoc with arms intertwined with each other but the nature of their relationship remains unclear.

Bilson is the mom of a 7-year-old girl named Briar with another ex of hers Hayden Christensen.

Rachel had a lookout at her past relationships on the podcast revealing that according to her she had a theme regarding the guys she has dated in the past.

The 41-year-old actress stated “This is a generalization,” the 41-year-old actress stated on the podcast. “I think I’ve dated quite a few actors, and I do think that some of them, not all, have very like self-involved tenancies.”

She quickly reiterated her statement saying that still, this does not apply to all her past relationships and that the father of her girl “is not like that”. But it just makes her wonder that “it is a theme – and one she doesn’t like.”

The O.C actress revealed that in her opinion romance blooms most quickly at the workplace and this is why most of her past relationships have been in the industry.“You’re around them every day and you’ll meet different personalities and sometimes you really have chemistry with someone,” Rachel said. “Yes, it’s a set, but it’s literally someone you’re spending mostly 12 hours a day with, so you’re going to get to know these people better than you would get to know someone you’re just casually dating in the beginning.”