After the former R&B singer was convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering, YouTube took a couple of R. Kelly channels off from their platform. The recent court decision has sparked a new debate over the role of music platforms in such scenarios.

The Alphabet Inc. company stated that it is distancing itself from the singer, as he is found guilty, convicted, and maybe facing life in prison. However, many of his work in the form of songs and albums may still be up on the platform, including some user-generated content that uses his work. YouTube said it took the step to remove the R. Kelly channels as part of its creator responsibility guidelines.

The two R. Kelly channels involved are “RKellyTV and RKellyVevo”, which were two of the singer’s main video and audio publishing sources. He will, therefore, no longer be able to publish any of his content on the platform, YouTube, told Reuters, when asked to comment.

A campaign run by two black women called, ‘MuteRKelly’, since 2017, has been working to get the former musician’s work off of music platforms. After this recent news they tweeted, “Waiting on you @youtubemusic, and you too @Spotify @AppleMusic @AmazonMusic, etc.

#MuteRKelly #RKellyGuilty #RKelly”.

There has been no response from any other platforms and firms where his music is still available for streaming or listening. The 54-year-old former singer has been found guilty of a “long-running scheme to recruit women and underage girls for sex.” Robert Sylvester Kelly, is one of the prominent names that went under trial during the #MeToo movement, but has been accused since the 2000s, although he denied all the allegations then.