As Americans throughout the country remember this dark day of history, Queen Elizabeth II sends a message to the nation. Shared through The Royal Family’s social media accounts, the Queen remembers and offers words of solidarity.

The message reads: “As we mark the 20th anniversary of the terrible attacks on 11th September 2001, my thoughts and prayers – and those of my family and the entire nation – remain with the victims, survivors, and families affected, as well as the first responders and rescue workers called to duty.

My visit to the site of the World Trade Center in 2010 is held fast in my memory. It reminds me that as we honor those from many nations, faiths, and backgrounds who lost their lives, we also pay tribute to the resilience and determination of the communities who joined together to rebuild. Elizabeth R.”

This is accompanied by the Queen’s photo at the 9/11 memorial from her visit back in 2010. No news yet of any visits as diplomatic ties seem to flourish between the two countries, in addition to the mandates appointed due to Coronavirus. There hasn’t been a response from President Joe Biden yet, but the tweet seems to have many positive reactions by people who are touched.

Ceremonies and commemorations throughout different states have been going on, especially in NYC. President Joe Biden will also be attending all three states of attack sites including New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, to join in remembering those killed and how far we’ve come.

Philip Reeker, the US Ambassador thanked Queen for her kind gesture.