Prince Phillip’s death was announced by the Royal Family through a statement that read: “His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.”  A staunch supporter of his wife, he stood by Queen Elizabeth II for nearly seven decades. During his years active as a Prince, he made substantial contributions in improving the monarchy as well as enhanced fieldwork in the fields of science and technology.

His relationship with Elizabeth began at a young age which soon blossomed into a tale of pure love and affection. Shortly after she married the Prince, Queen Elizabeth II wrote a letter to her parents, which stated that she was irrevocably in love with him. Her letter spoke of her true feelings; she felt as if the two had “belonged to each other for years.” Throughout her marriage, she incessantly appreciated him for casting a positive influence on her life.

Prince Phillip will be remembered for a wide variety of contributions, but most importantly, he would be acknowledged for his attempts to revise the image of the Royal Family, especially during the Queen’s reign in 1952. He was also known across the world for his insensitive stance on racism, which was seen prevalently in his comments.

Besides, he played a monumental role to change the perception of Royals from fabricated beings to real, genuine humans. He did this by bringing members of the royal family on television.  Phillip was the first person from the Royal Family to take part in a televised interview. It is important to note that his contribution was not only limited to changing perceptions but also changing the entire dynamics of the Royal Family itself.  According to Sarah Grist Wood, a popular journalist; Prince Phillip helped in developing a strong foundation for the Royal Family, one that has helped it propel forward in the 21st century.

It is important to highlight that Prince Phillip gave up his navy career when he embraced royalty. When asked why he made such a bold decision, the former Prince responded in a few words that stand as a testament to their unadulterated love.  He stated that his marriage was his priority and being the husband of the Queen, it was his prime duty to “serve her in the best possible way.

Throughout his 99 years of life, he played the role of a confidante to his wife, an exemplary father to his children, a doting grandfather to his grandchildren, and most importantly, a gracious human being who served the state with all his heart.