Today is the day when the guy who is accused of driving his vehicle into groups of people in Quebec is scheduled to return to court.

It is anticipated that Steeve Gagnon will be charged on three charges of murder in the first degree as well as nine counts of attempted murder.

After the incident that occurred on March 13, when multiple groups of people were hit while walking on a main street in Amqui, Quebec, in what the police have termed as a deliberate act, Gagnon has been detained by the authorities.

The courthouse in Amqui, which is located roughly 550 kilometers to the northeast of Quebec City, is where the appearance is scheduled to take place.

Gagnon, 38, was charged with two counts of reckless driving causing death; however, the prosecution had suggested that further charges were likely, and a third victim has died after the accused’s first court appearance. Gagnon’s initial court appearance occurred on February 1.

Gérald Charest, age 65, Jean Lafrenière, age 73, and Simon-Guillaume Bourget, age 41, were the three victims that lost their lives.