Hyundai might come forward with yet another technological improvement. The quality air technology will work for the purification of air that enters the car.

Excessive pollution is becoming a major problem in many countries across the world. The pollution released by factories and transport is causing grave health and environmental issues. This technology would be essential in densely populated countries to combat air pollution.

There are many car brands like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, or BMW, who have the air purification technology installed. The technology works on the electrostatic principle that prevents dust and bacterial particles from entering the car.

The thing with Air Ionizing technology is that it only works for the time till it’s on. The working is not continuous hence there is still a chance of contaminated air particles entering the car.

However, the newly launched technology by Hyundai claims the removal of all contaminated air particles and the clarity of air inside the car. There will be a constant check on the air quality. The sensor will automatically detect any impurities and if any further purification is required, the car windows will get closed.

There is the categorization of air quality presented by the Korean Environmental Corporation. According to them, the air quality can be classified into four levels which depend on the presence of bacterial particles.

Although these impure particles are too minute that they can lead to serious respiratory diseases. The reduction of such air particles is necessary to avoid any health hazards.

The air purification system is influenced by the purification system of hospitals that keep the hospital environment safe from all bacterial germs and dust particles. The quality air technology will make sure to keep the car’s interior free from all the contaminations.

The brand claims that the newly developed technology will be much better than the existing air purification technologies. It will ensure the removal of minute bacterial and pollen particles from the air that will enter the car.

The hopes for this technology are high and it is considered to be revolutionary in terms of providing a clean atmosphere inside the car.