Getting your hands on PlayStation 5 (PS-5) is quite a challenge. Ever since its launch in November 2020, there has been a shortage of this console’s supply in the market. PS-5 restocks do take place but in limited quantity, and the inventory is sold out within the spur of a moment.

Therefore, the fact that PlayStation 5 was made available on Target this Thursday, and Amazon, this Wednesday is heart-breaking for those who had been waiting for months to make the purchase but missed out on the opportunity, just by a few seconds.

Many wonders that despite such a huge demand why is Sony releasing the product in limited quantity.  The answer is that the manufacturer itself is faced with a major challenge: there is a global shortage of chips used in the formation of PS-5.

Therefore, the company manufactures releases stock, as and when it gets its hands on these chips. Besides, many scalpers have dived into the market: they buy as much stock as possible and then resell it at higher prices, thus taking advantage of PS-5’s unavailability in the market. In part, these sellers themselves are the cause of the shortage. They use automated computer programs called bots to make multiple orders as soon as a restock takes place.

As per Jim Ryan, CEO at Sony Interactive Entertainment, production is expected to increase over the summer and there would be a greater balance between demand and supply during the second half of the year.

However, there is no certainty what the situation would be like at year-end, and you might not be willing to wait for that long. Therefore, we have brought to you some tips for being able to secure your favorite console the next time there is a PS-5 restock.

Tips for getting your hands on a PS-5

Giant retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon, do not give any advance notice of restocking. Therefore, your best bet would be to remain prepared throughout. Our advice in this regard would be not to wait for any news of PS-5 availability to make a move. With that approach, chances are that the product will be sold out by the time you log in and make a purchase request.

A pro tip is to keep checking the websites of these retailers regularly, to be notified as soon as there is a restock.

Once you see that the desired console is available for sale, try accessing the buying page via multiple browsers and multiple devices. Since securing a PS-5 is analogous to winning a lottery, the more attempts you make, the higher will be your chances of winning.

You should create your online accounts at the websites of all major retailers. Not only this but do make sure that you remain signed in via your device because you would have no time to waste logging in if you want to win the race of purchasing PlayStation 5.

Also, you should have your billing information, address, and mode of payment already stored on your device. This would let you check out much faster, and hopefully before the website starts showing signs of a glitch in response to high traffic.

Alternative to online purchase

If you are willing to try your luck outside the world of e-commerce, you might be pleased to know that PlayStation Direct is the store where PS-5 restocks occur frequently. However, you would need to stand in a queue for long hours, without any surety of whether the stock will be available at your turn.

One ray of hope associated with attempting a purchase through this medium is that in rare cases, individuals who have been patient in long queues but are unable to get the product may qualify for receiving a “Priority Access Email” from Sony, which is an invitation from the manufacturers to purchase your desired email the next time stock becomes available.

The last resort

If all else fails, and you desperately want a PS-5, the last resort is to purchase the console via StockX or eBay. However, doing so would require you to pay a large sum of money over and above the product’s real price.