The Department of Justice declared Enrique Tarrio, Proud Boys Leader, guilty of burning the Black Lives Matter banner in Washington DC and carrying feeding devices and ammunition storage a few weeks before getting arrested. He is expected to be sentenced to more than five months; sources confirmed.

On Monday, the government announced that Enrique Tarrio would be sentenced to 5 months or more. The two primary reasons were – first, he burnt the banner that had fallen down from the church, and secondly, he was found carrying two high-capacity firearm magazines a few days before the riot happened on January 6.

The 37-year-old man has nothing to say in his defense. All he said was “I’d like to profusely apologize”. He acknowledged his foul behavior and said, “What I did was wrong.” The reports revealed. 

However, Harold Cushenberry, the court judge, didn’t buy his statements.

He said, “Mr. Tarrio has, intentionally, and proudly crossed the line from peaceful protest and assembly to dangerous and potentially violent conduct,” and added that “He could not have cared less about the laws of the District of Columbia.”

On January 4, just two days before the January 6 riot, when the cops took Enrique Tarrio, they found firearm magazines in his car while waiting for the traffic to resume. That added to his punishment for jail. 

On top of that, after the riot, Tarrio took help from a social media platform called Parler to reveal to the public that his group was planning to “turn out in record numbers on January 6”. He called the participants “the most notorious group of extraordinary gentlemen.”

In 2016, Gavin Mclnnes, a Canadian-British activist, found that the Proud Boys are an extreme right-wing, anti-immigrant, male group. Not just that, they have a history of street crimes against the left-wing parties. Later in 2018, Tarrio was made the leader of the group. 

On Sunday, in Portland, Oregon, the group members were reported to be actively involved in Violent demonstrations. People heard gunshots, but fortunately, nobody was injured during the episode, as per the reports.