On Sunday, a large number of people took the streets as they held banners that said, ‘United against Racism and Fascism, NYC’. The protesters claimed to be a part of the Freedom Socialist Party.

These anti-fascists expressed their rage by abusing fascists and saying that their lives do not matter.

However, the protesters received a lot of criticism on Twitter where people claimed that most of these people don’t even know the real meaning of fascism and all this is just baseless.

As the protesters marched on the roadway, the police became active and started to warn people to use the sidewalk instead of blocking the road. But the protesters did not listen and the police took action, which led to a heated situation.

They were also criticized for pushing people off the sidewalk which the police itself asked the protesters to use. The video even shows several protesters being on the sidewalk.

The anti-Trump supporters were seen abusing the police.

One of the protesters shouted to stop pushing him, whereas another expressed his anger by telling the police that this is New York City and people are getting raped and murdered here. He taunted the police to do more important tasks rather than stopping them.

The New York Police arrested 11 people in total for not behaving orderly. The department, later on, issued a statement claiming that none of the protesters were city press credential holders.

In these people, there were two middle-aged men, one from Columbia University, the other one claimed to be working on a documentary, both didn’t have credentials.

Multiple videos aired showing how things escalated between the police and the protesters.

This group had the intention of confronting the pro-trump caravan but it got dispersed after coming to know that the caravan was avoiding them.

In the meantime, footage on Twitter showed that the pro-Trump group also blocked the traffic on the Mario Bridge.

Another group consisting of pro-Trump truck drivers blocked the traffic on NJ’s Garden State Parkway. A video of the protest was posted on Twitter.

As the elections approach, all the parties are coming out to raise their concerns and show their support for the cause they believe in.