President Joe Biden’s rally in Georgia to mark his 100th day in office was interrupted as soon as it started by protestors demanding to “abolish ICE” and end detention centers. The protestors were not ready to listen to Biden or what he wanted to say.

Time and time again, he had to pause his dialogue because of the protestors who had decided to proclaim chants that were concerned with ending detention. In response, President Biden gave the mic to protestors and coaxed security to take them out, as quoted by the Associated Press.

Biden was under the impression that the protestors were waging a fight against the practice of private prisons. He addressed the people and stated how he himself agrees with the notion of finishing these prisons for good. “Give me another five days” remarked Biden, who then declared that there will be “no private prisons, period.”

Even while expressing his enthusiasm for ending the private prison practice, he ensured that the protestors are well-versed with the consequences of their behavior. President Biden was quick to declare that if the people continue to act in this manner, he would not go forward with the required course of action.

This incident comes in light of the heavy criticism faced by President Biden for not playing his part in controlling the flow of immigrants at the Southern border. Biden was also criticized by the ACLU recently for turning a blind eye to the issues faced by the immigrants in the camps. The ACLU strictly asked him to close immigration facilities at the border, given the conditions were far from acceptable.

Despite facing extensive criticism for running these facilities, President Biden is yet to make a decision about the immigration sites on the border. As of right now, he hasn’t closed anything down despite facing pressure from activists.