Importance of Progressive Perspective

The independent political perspective’s true meaning is that it is NOT state, industrial, left, nationalist, or alt-right. A progressive perspective originates beyond the elite status quo circle and is shared by a sizable portion of the general public. It is a “perspective of the public.” Independent progressive reporting and analyses were generated and written by and about everyday citizens. That is, there are NO well-heeled special interest interests involved.

To begin, independent progressive news sites criticize the traditional mass media’s elitist perspective. Independent progressive reporting and opinion writing from the grassroots so that social causes are conceived and nurtured. Progressives oppose dominant figures at the center, or The Establishment if authority is abused or mismanaged to the detriment of ordinary Americans.

Second, an individual progressive viewpoint is distinct from a centrist perspective. Progressives advocate for global prosperity in comparison to civil freedom and universal dignity. Liberals are pro-human rights, but fiscally cautious. Since economic opportunity is the spark that gives guaranteed rights actual teeth, it is a big point of contention between conservatives and liberals. The other financial schism is the influence of Big Money in politics. Progressives regard it is legalized theft. Liberals are always at ease with Big Money and blind to the negative effect on society. Liberal television programs (much as many conservative news organizations) are committed to maintaining the prosperous status quo, or The Establishment.

Finally, progressive investigative research organizations regard peer-reviewed research as a widely credible and impartial source of evidence. In the much-heralded “climate debate,” for example, one might say that solid evidence (or a lack thereof) is a defining feature between the radical and conservative viewpoints.

How to Evaluate a News Source?

When reading news reports, regardless of your viewpoint or prejudice, consider the following

  • Is this statement factually accurate?
  • What is the situation? (For example, a quotation taken out of context can be deceptive.)
  • Is the data up-to-date?
  • Is it complete with all the necessary information? What, if anything, is omitted? (In other words, is the news biassed or objective?)
  • Why are they revealing this to me? (Be on the lookout for corporate relations campaigns or business bias.)
  • What are my thoughts on it? (Propaganda is intended to arouse either optimistic or negative feelings. Remain impervious to emotional manipulation.)
  • It can take some time to research and evaluate the overall output of news organizations. A point of view, or prejudice, is not always a negative thing. Any news organization is biassed, and reputable news organizations make no pretense of being unbiased. After all, they are addressing the same crowd. The critical reporting quality to seek is objectivity.
  • Reporting that is objective and truthful cannot be one-sided. No commentary, interpretation, or statement — regardless of its ideology — is valid until it incorporates all relevant evidence. You may like to visit a source such as Media Bias/Fact Check. It’s a valuable tool for determining a news organization’s credibility for accurate reporting (as well as political bias).

Most Prominent Independent Progressive News Websites

You’ve considered bias and objectivity in relation to media news organizations. You’re willing to gain access to more progressive news content that is independent. Fortunately, the compilation of independent progressive news sites is right below!

  1. Truthout

It is a non-profit news organization that publishes investigative news reporting and commentary on a variety of social justice-related topics. Since its inception in 2001, it continues to have operated on the values of accuracy, transparency, and independence from corporate and political influences. It purports to be a kind of judicial journalism. Truthout’s focus areas include institutionalized injustice, public justice, and climate change. Maya Schenwar, the editor in chief, and Ziggy West Jeffery, the managing director, lead the editorial staff.

  1. Democracy Now

Democracy Now! is an hour-long television, radio, and internet news show established on 19th February 1996 in the United States by a group of journalists. Democracy Now Productions is a non-profit media organization dedicated to producing Democracy Now. It is entirely supported by contributions from listeners and fans, as well as a few other organizations. The curriculum features news stories, discussions, investigative journalism, and political commentary, with a focus on environmental and social justice activism influenced by liberalism’s philosophical ethics.

  1. ProPublica

ProPublica, formally known as ProPublica, Inc., is a New York City-based non-profit organization. It is a journalism organization dedicated to doing insightful reporting of the public interest. According to ProPublica, the polls are conducted by a full-time team of insightful journalists, and the resulting articles are shared for publishing or distributed to news partners. At times, journalists from ProPublica and its collaborators collaborate on a report. It delves deeply into critical issues, exposing breaches of influence and betrayals of popular trust, and continuing to do so as long as force is required to hold those in power accountable.

  1. The Daily Poster

A series of investigative journalism funded by readers that examines policy, industry, and corporate influence. The initiative is headed by David Sirota, an award-winning journalist, Guardian columnist, seasoned poster, and longtime speechwriter for Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.

  1. Free Speech

Free Speech TV is one of the few remaining independent television news networks dedicated to radical social justice. As an antidote to billionaire-owned media networks, states, and businesses, this progressive news site amplifies marginalized viewpoints and others fighting for racial, economic, and environmental justice.

  1. Common Dreams

As an indispensable unbiased democratic news source, Common Dreams maintains a grounded atmosphere and seldom loses a beat on the political scene. Its mandate is to inform, motivate and spark transformation for the greater good.

  1. AlterNet

AlterNet is an award-winning news magazine and online forum dedicated to producing original content and amplifying the work of hundreds of other progressive news sites. AlterNet’s mission is to promote activism and lobbying on topics ranging from the economy to human rights and civil liberties, social justice, the government, and health care. has evolved at a breakneck rate since its launch in 1998 to meet the public need for alternative reporting. It offers free web news to millions of readers, acting as a trustworthy filter, keeping our massive community aware and active, assisting them in navigating a culture of knowledge saturation, and offering an antidote to the onslaught of commercial media.

AlterNet features grassroots success stories and inspiring storylines amid incisive policy analyses, forensic reporting, and expert commentary. It focuses on practical responses to chronic societal challenges. Our editorial mix demonstrates a dedication to equity, sustainability, and global stewardship, as well as to bridge racial, cultural, and ethnic divides.

  1. Project Censored

Validated Independent News reports (VINs) include facts and perspectives that the audience has a right and a desire to know but has little access to. Every story is evaluated by student researchers and faculty evaluations prior to publication as a VIN to ensure that it is important, timely, factually accurate, well written, and under-reported in the corporate media. These VINs are candidates for inclusion in Project Censored’s annual book as one of the top 25 stories.

  1. Breakthrough News

Five mega-corporations power 90 percent of what we read, view, and listen to. They dominate the news cycle, forcing social media and even the majority of so-called “alternative” media to react.

Breakthrough News aims to break this cycle. It focuses on unheard stories of rebellion from disadvantaged and working-class societies in order to create a different understanding of the country, as it is and in real-time, based on these stories.

Globally, people’s campaigns are altering history and reshaping minds. However, these campaigns attract little attention from the mass media. They need exposure. They need elaboration. They need a publicity arm to succeed.

Breakthrough News is capable of serving as the media arm with the assistance of the people.

  1. Democracy at Work

Democracy at Work is a non-profit organization dedicated to the production of television and live events. Based on Richard D. Wolff’s book Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism, work examines capitalism objectively as a structural crisis and argues for workplace democratization as a component of a systemic remedy. Democracy at Work pursues a more robust, inclusive democracy – in our politics and culture as well as our economy – founded on fair cooperation and mutual leadership among staff and through society.

  1. The New Turks

TYT bills itself as America’s first progressive news show online. TYT is an award-winning multi-platform web content creator, attracting over 250 million monthly impressions. TYT is the world’s biggest online news and discussion network dedicated to the wired generation.

\The Young Turks (TYT) is a liberal and independent news and opinion show based in the United States that airs on YouTube and on select television channels. TYT is the flagship show with the TYT Network, a multi-channel network of related video series centered on current affairs and reporting. TYT addresses a variety of societal issues, including policy, fashion, pop culture, science, and sports.

  1. The Grayzone

The Grayzone is a nonprofit reporting organization devoted to original investigative journalism and study in politics.

It was created and is published by Max Blumenthal, an award-winning journalist, and author. funded the Grayzone Project from January 2016 to January 2018. After that, The Grayzone has maintained complete independence.

  1. Boston Review

The Boston Review is a political and literary forum—a place where thoughts and society can be discussed openly. Boston Review trusts in the power of mutual thought and creativity to build a more fair society. As an independent and nonprofit organization, BR is motivated by optimism and is dedicated to equity.

  1. Popular Resistance

An increasing culture of protest is relying heavily on peaceful collective action and civil disobedience, as well as the formation of genuine democracy movements to unite local communities—as compared to cooperating with a corrupt government run by a two-corporate party structure and a neoliberal market controlled by the capitalist economy. serves as a clearinghouse of resources and knowledge for this coalition of revolutions. It has a regular news feed of resistance news from the United States and around the globe, as well as a schedule of upcoming national events.

Best Tips for Independent Broadcasters

A podcast or a YouTube channel may be started by almost anybody. If you are knowledgeable about progressive politics and possess the gift of gab, then go for it! It would be a Great Day when alternative progressive news organizations triumph over and outperform the conservative news media.

However, regardless of how valuable the material is, it must be conveyed with a degree of competence. Here are few presenting ideas from the audience’s perspective:

  • You need to be professional
  • Keep yourself well-rested, groomed, and sober
  • Prior to the start of the show, get all the technical details
  • Prepare by creating an outline and taking notes. Remain on subject
  • Avoid speaking over your co-host
  • Do not interrupt the guest speaker sparingly
  • Laughing at inside jokes that the crowd may not get is inappropriate
  • Steer clear of sarcasm. It’s the least amusing kind of humor, and certain people would take you seriously as a result
  • Maintain eye contact with the real viewer — not a fictitious one
  • Critical thinkers can participate in debates or arguments for the purpose of mentally perfecting their arguments or debates. However, do not answer any possible concern or objection that a debater may have until making your case.
  • Professional comics make excellent news analysts. However, they can avoid spontaneously segueing into a new comedy skit that they are immediately motivated to create.
  • Communicate plainly. Not too quickly, nor too slowly.
  • Pause for a dramatic impact. Never use verbal tics (habits) such as “like,” “uhhh,” or “right?”
  • If necessary, use four-letter words. However, one should not misuse the Lord’s word. Especially if you profess to be an atheist. “Jesus!” is not your swear word. It’s similar to how black people may use the “N” word, but white people should refrain from doing so.