As the pandemic hit the world, most countries have initiated a lockdown to slow down the spread of the virus. Due to the lockdown, many businesses were affected especially the ones in which physical interaction was mandatory.

In order to find a solution to this problem, many businesses are exploring digital solutions. Moreover, the lockdown not only harmed people’s physical health but also their emotional state of mind.

They’re spending most of their time in their homes with nowhere to go. People started to have negative emotions and thoughts without anything to address their emotions or let them go. This has caused frustration in most people.

Cuddlist is a platform where they utilize cuddle therapy to listen to their clients. The entire idea revolves around listening, consoling, and providing a feeling of comfort to people. This idea was introduced because as a society we are falling away from other people. We rarely experience a touch from our friends or family that is not bound to any sexualized feelings.

These sessions can improve people’s general mood and increase their confidence and reduce anxiety.

But because of the corona situation, they suffered a huge setback in their business. That’s why the co-founder of Cuddlist decided to move things online.

In an interview, Madelon Guinazzo explained how maintaining eye contact can act as a replacement for a hug. As eye contact provided an alternate way to console people and can be used to form a connection. Hence, as the COVID scenario is getting worse, this form of online therapy can offer some sort of relief.

Another solution they found was to make people hug themselves to try and create a similar situation for them. A self-hug, while the therapist is talking to a person, can have a consoling effect on the client.