Princess Charlene returns home to Monaco.

The Royal Highness, Princess Charlene returned to Monaco via France from an overnight flight from Durban, South Africa.

The mother of 6 years old twins landed via the private plane of her husband Prince Albert in Nice.

Princess Charlene returns home ending the months-long speculation of separation between the royal couple.

Prince Albert and their young twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques greeted Princess Charlene with a large bouquet before scooping her home on a helicopter.

The prolonged disappearance of the Princess of Monaco had fueled up speculation across the country allegedly stating that there has been trouble between the couple which might lead to permanent separation.

Both Princess Charlene and Prince Albert had denounced these speculation theories over and over again.

Royal highness had beengrounded in South Africa since May of this year due to her medical condition. She underwent multiple corrective surgeries for her ENT infection in the period of six months.

Princess Charlene stated in early October that “I came to South Africa to oversee some foundation projects; I was unwell at the time. I had an infection which was addressed immediately. Unfortunately, it grounded me for some months here in South Africa.”

She further stated that she can’t wait to be reunited with her children and husband and is waiting for the final assessment of the doctors as her health continues to improve.

Prince Albert, 63 had also stated last month that he is waiting for the medical team to give clearance over the health of his wife Princess Charlene before “sending the jet.” He also said that she “was in good form and much better spirits” and will return to her home in Monaco very soon. He had attended the COP26 environmental summit with his children, which was held in Glasgow, Scotland last month.

Princess Charlene’s return killed all the speculations surrounding the couple as they moved ahead to lead a normal life in their home country, Monaco.