Donald Trump has opted not to go to the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden on January 20. He gave this message in a tweet.

Biden should have taken a sigh of relief as Trump’s not attending his oath-taking ceremony. Meanwhile, Vice President, Mike Pence is likely to make it to Biden’s inauguration ceremony, but he still awaits his invitation to the event.

Trump has continued to show an indifferent attitude ever since election results confirmed a comprehensive victory for Joe Biden. The out-going president alleges that the election process was fraudulent. He had also filed a case in the US Supreme Court to get the outcome revoked, but his allegations were dismissed.

The recent protests in Washington DC are also considered to have Trump’s backing because people showed up on his call. If the National Guard were not there, the situation could have been much worse.

His tweet about not going to the inaugural ceremony will only spark hatred amongst the people. Republicans, on the other hand, want President Trump to go to the ceremony as it is a part of the years-long tradition that ensures a peaceful transition.

President Trump has already made plans to return to Oval Office in 2024 with better plans. His statements are coming in at a point where three former Presidents have already decided to attend the ceremony including Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

Trump has decided to ensure that the power transition process remains smooth.

Biden will be sworn in as the new President of the US on January 20 as the Electoral College results on January 6.