According to the White House, President Joe Biden has committed to help the international community eradicate the coronavirus pandemic with a $4 billion rollout.

At a virtual meeting with G7 member states, President Biden announced to allocate $2 billion immediately. The amount was approved by Congress in December 2020. He has also pledged another $2 billion in aid in two years.

President Biden has also announced plans to address the internal crisis of the United States. He is a staunch believer that only with collaboration between the countries, the world at large can fight the pandemic.

Previously the Trump Administration had refused to participate in the international relief efforts and had denied any contributions to the COVAX Program.

The former president pulled out of the international accord, blaming the WHO for not providing accurate information about the pandemic.

The COVAX program plans to vaccinate people living in poor countries with 330 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

After Trump backed out of the plan, the COVAX officials announced in December that the shortage of US pledged aid would have severe consequences for the poor nations of the world.

President Joe Biden had also promised to provide 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the Americans in his first 100 days in office.

The current announcement by President Joe Biden has shown a greater commitment of the American government in international affairs.

The international community demands the US must play its due role in alleviating the coronavirus disease and must provide vaccines to poor countries.

Although fixing the internal situation of the country is the number one priority of the current government, by doing so, they are by no means ignoring or dismissing their international commitments.

Along with discussing the pandemic and coronavirus crisis, the President also discussed other prevalent international issues including climate change and economic challenges of the world.