Merrick Garland, a long-time federal appeals court judge was confirmed as President Biden’s pick for the post of Attorney General.

Garland’s nomination was approved by the senators with a 70-30 majority vote. He is considered as somebody who can restore the Justice Department’s credibility.

Merrick Garland was known as a consensus builder during his time as a judge. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has claimed that Garland has a reputation of being a legal expert and a straight shooter. McConnell voted in favor of Garland.

Merrick Garland rose to fame when the Republicans famously refused to consider his Supreme Court nomination previously. Garland is entrusted with the responsibility to bring back the lost reputation of the US Justice Department which has been tarnished severely by former President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump used the Justice Department to win uncalled-for favors for his friends. He also made sure that most high-profile cases were overlooked for the sake of political point-scoring.

The Justice Department has been on a journey to regain its reputation as an integral institution of the US political system.

Garland is expected to devise new judicial reforms while acting as the Attorney General of the United States.

Merrick Garland enjoyed the bipartisan support for his confirmation. His reputation as a champion of integrity and his refusal to politicize the department has brought accolades from all the senators.

Merrick Garland has pledged to make decisions without considering any political affiliations. He has dedicated all his life to serving justice and that is exactly what he plans to do as the Attorney General of the country. He has hinted that his first briefing will be focused on the investigation of the Capitol building riots.