Joe Biden has taken over the reins of the USA when it was going through a crucial time – both on the economic and political front. He is pushing for a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan that is going to help put more cash in the pockets of the Americans.

The reason to increase the amount for stimulus plan is to make a ground for discussions and negotiations between Republicans and Democrats. This new plan will succeed the previous stimulus plan that was put forth by ex-President, Donald Trump’.

Joe Biden has come up with four measures that are going to change the entire stimulus plan that was presented earlier by Trump. People are expected to receive $1400 which will be paid in addition to the stimulus checks of $600 to make their lives easier.

President Biden is currently focusing on the economic situation of the country. During the campaign for the runoff election in Georgia, he had promised the citizens to include an additional amount in the stimulus plan.

Another important thing to note about the stimulus plan presented by the President Joe Biden is that of the extension of the federal supplement to unemployed individuals. Previously it was to be given only until March 14, but Biden has planned to extend it till September to facilitate the unemployed.

President Biden does not want to see any child out of school and has made efforts to ensure parents get timely financial assistance in this regard. This money is to be provided to the parents even if they owe a certain amount in debt.

The children are going to be the backbone of the country and they must be taken good care of as well. According to a spokesperson, the President wants to bolster child tax credits which will be fully refundable by the end of the year.

The minimum wage of the people has not been increased for a decade now,  and this is going to be a big step in the right direction. In this stimulus bill, it is decided that the minimum wage will be $15 per hour.