President Joe Biden is gearing up for his visit to Florida on Thursday, expressing concern for Surfside after 150 people remain unaccounted for a week after a 12-story condo building collapsed.

During the visit, Biden hopes to express his gratitude to the people who responded to the tragic incident and those who have been actively searching for survivors. Not only this, but the President will also meet the families of the victims and “offer them comfort as search-and-rescue efforts continue” over time, said White House secretary Jen Psaki.

According to the White House, President Joe Biden had been waiting to travel to Florida until his visit wouldn’t affect the ongoing rescue attempts. As the search for people continues to unfold amongst other efforts, 11 people have been confirmed dead by the authorities.

On Monday, Psaki said President Joe Biden wants the White House to play a “constructive role” and investigate the cause of the collapse in depth and detail. For this purpose, several federal agencies have been involved to provide a sound judgment on the tragic matter.

Additionally, she added that the National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued a team of scientists and experts to collect information related to the event. The evidence elicited will then be used to assess the need for a proper investigation.

As far as the building collapse is concerned, an engineering firm has found a “major error” in the design structure of the building. The firm anticipates that if these problems are not rectified at the earliest, it would end up leading to extensive destruction and deterioration altogether.

Last week, President Joe Biden had stated the condo building collapse to be a federal emergency in Florida. To extend his fair share of efforts to those in need, Biden approved federal assistance to further bolster state recovery efforts.

Psaki confirmed that many federal officials are searching, along with a separate team of well-qualified engineers and science experts.