Texas is facing one of the deadliest winter storms in history, leaving millions of people without the basic necessities of life.

The power outages, coupled with water shortages have made the lives of Texans miserable and have further crippled their ability to fix their state. More than 50 people have lost their lives in the wake of harsh weather conditions.

President Joe Biden is planning to visit the disaster-hit state in near future. When asked if he had any plans to visit Texas, he claimed that he would surely visit the state soon. As the situation stands, a decision will be taken next week when the official visit will be announced.

Texas is still recovering from the atrocities of the disaster. Meanwhile, President Biden has assured all forms of help to the governor of the State to make sure that the state authorities and federal government are on the same page. This will increase the people’s confidence in President Joe Biden.

He wants to make sure that the state and federal governments work together to alleviate the suffering of the common people. It’s a big challenge for both the federal and state governments.

With the situation slowly improving in the Texas region, it is important that authorities devise long-term and result-oriented strategies to combat such disasters in the future.