President Joe Biden is rightfully leading from the front. He wants to deliver on every front that he had promised during his election campaign. Joe Biden’s election victory is the best moment for a country that is still struggling to cope up with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The people of America had also expected the new administration to deliver on important issues facing the nation.

Right from day one, Biden has taken the right steps to put the country back on track. One of the most important decisions was to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

He also promised to do his best to curb the spread of coronavirus and to help people recover from the losses.

He has come up with a 1.9 trillion dollar relief package to address the coronavirus pandemic and wants Congress to ratify the proposal. He has claimed that he knew how much the economy has suffered due to the pandemic.

He has also claimed that he knew that there are some people in Congress who think that there is no need for this relief package.

President Joe Biden was of the opinion that he did not think that the war with the virus is over yet and believes there is a lot to be done.

There are still a lot of people suffering due to the virus, with huge unemployment numbers.

The unemployment rate is around 6.3% and only about 49,000 jobs were available last month. According to the statistics, 22 million people had lost jobs in 2020 and up till now only half of these have recovered.

About 9.9 million people in the US are still unemployed and Biden wishes to help them get their jobs back. The layoffs have increased by four times since the economic crisis hit the country, last March. Consumer spending has also dropped significantly.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has only increased by 1% in the last three months. There was a 7.48% increase in the GDP in the second and third quarters of the year.

The Democrats are working to get the relief package proposed by President Biden approved as quickly as possible. They believe this is the only way to get the country back on track after so much loss and suffering.