In an interview with CNN, one of the largest media organizations in the US, President Joe Biden discussed various issues but intentionally declined to comment on current issues that are deemed uncomfortable for the new admiration.

The news network has skipped the whole fiasco related to data cover-up in relation to the number of deaths in New York nursing homes, and how the government failed to address the issue.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been accused of hiding the exact figure of deaths during the pandemic and definitely, the administration was doing it for political gains.

A top aide of the Cuomo Administration had revealed that they had played down 50% of elderly people who had tested positive for the COVID-19 and were admitted to nursing homes.

Shortly after the report went public, the Administration released new data that had recorded 13,000 deaths as compared to 9,000 that was previously reported. Currently, the number of reported deaths in New York stands at 15,000.

The Trump Administration had requested information to be made public, but the Cuomo administration did pay heed to the request.

Many Republicans have called for Cuomo to resign from the post. They want the matter to be thoroughly investigated.

Amid this controversy, CNN seems to have taken sides, and in an interview with President Joe Biden. The person who was conducting the interview didn’t really challenge President Biden while speaking to him at a town hall in Milwaukee. The interviewer avoided asking uncomfortable questions including the one related to the current situation in New York.

Most of the program which went on air was focused on President Biden’s role and recent efforts to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The media organization was heavily criticized in the past when it campaigned for Democrats in the 2020 Presidential Elections.