President Biden has revealed an incident when he was arrested for trespassing the Capitol. Going further on about this surprising remark, he claimed that this incident occurred when he was on a visit to his friend’s house.

He was 21 years old at the time and wanted to see the chambers. He recalled that there was no security at the gate and he easily entered the chambers.

A person held him from the shoulders and said that he was under arrest, as he was sitting in the presiding chair. This all happened in the blink of the eye, claimed President Biden.

But this story is yet unbelievable, as he has claimed other arrests as well which turned out to be false. This is the reason that it is hard for many to believe that he was arrested for this incident.He shared this incident in the David Letterman show in 2007 when asked  about his first experience in the Senate at the age of 29.

This was when he claimed that this was not the actual first time at the Senate for him. He was there at the age of 21 when he was arrested for his conduct as he trespassed the boundaries.

During his visit to South Africa, he claimed to be arrested at that time as well. But later he changed the statement that by arrested he meant he was not able to move.’

This is why one can think that this story might be another hoax to brag about his arrests in public. He is now the President of the United States of America.

Such statements can trigger a lot of questions and reservations in many ranks.

Some may have a hard time believing this story and many people want to know the actual story behind this statement. Nonetheless, it is interesting to know the other side of the President