President Biden visited Texas following a deadly polar plunge that has left the residents devastated. This tour was already on the cards. He was joined by Governor Greg Abbott and John Cornyn at Houston.

In his first official visit to the state, he reassured the people that his government is there for them, and it will support them through their recovery. He also visited the federal vaccination site at NRG Stadium, Houston. While talking to the reporters, he said, “We are in it for a long haul”. He also assured the people of his support throughout the recovery process.

The winter storm has had a devastating impact, with millions of people left without water and power supplies due to harsh weather conditions.

During his visit, President Biden has assured the leaders of Texas to know that he stands with them. The First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden also joined him on this significant visit.

He assured the people that they will be provided with the COVID-19 vaccine on a priority basis. More than 4 million people were left without water and power due to the unprecedented winter storm.

The Electrical Reliability Council Texas (ERCOT) has received backlash for mishandling the issue.

Last week, Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary for the White House, had claimed that President Biden could pay a visit to Texas on Friday.

President Biden also met with Governor Abbott and many other local authorities to assure that the Federal Government would provide support to the state government in its bid to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.