There is a paradigm shift in American foreign policy. In a surprise move, the Biden Administration has decided that the United States will no longer be supporting the Saudi-led offensive against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

In an address to the State Department, President Biden issued several foreign policy directives aimed at safeguarding the interest of the nation. He also announced that the Pentagon will be carrying out a global posture review of the country’s forces.

President Biden has claimed that it was essential for the war to stop, and to that end, the US would be halting aid for offensive operations being carried out in Yemen.

To provide an example, the National Security Advisor referred to two arm sales treaties being terminated that were initiated by the Trump Administration.

However, President Biden has vowed that he would be helping the Saudis in protecting their people and sovereignty since the Saudis are in danger of attacks by armed forces from many countries that are being supported by Iran.

He also promised to implement the U.N initiatives to declare a ceasefire, provide humanitarian aid, and initiate peace talks between the two parties. After assuming the President’s Office, Biden had moved to suspend a few of the sanctions however they have not been reversed yet.

Beginning in 2015, the civil war in Yemen has resulted in 112,000 casualties and has destroyed the country’s infrastructure. According to the U.N, 13.5 million people in the country are suffering from food insecurity.

The civil war in Yemen started when the Houthis had initiated attacks on Saudia Arabia and Saudi had retaliated. The US has previously supported the Saudis and had enforced sanctions on the Houthis, also declaring them a foreign terrorist organization (FTO).

According to a UN report, declaring the Houthis as an FTO could be detrimental to the humanitarian aid process as food and aid deliveries in Yemen will be hampered, and malnutrition will increase.

The report also highlighted that repeated violations of human rights were recorded in the country.

A career foreign service member, who has previous experience working with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Timothy Lenderking has been appointed as the special envoy to the country.