It is time that the white colleges tackle the situation relating to racism and introduce diversity in their institutions. Collado has experienced all the ups and downs that come with the color of your skin in an American institution.

Collado is the first Dominican American who became the president of a four-year college. And she is the one who has a lot of experience in a discriminated society.

In one of her statements, she has also shared the experience of discrimination when she was back in college in Brooklyn. Those were difficult times especially for the people who were of color and were trying to make a livelihood in that era.

The issue of diversity in American colleges has been in discussion for more than two decades. But the overall impact of introducing diversity has not been up to the mark until now.

One of the major reasons for it being an issue in American colleges is the overall societal impact. According to Collado, it is very important to understand that this issue needs to be discussed at its very core.

In the last year, the American nation witnessed the intense and brutal murder of George Floyd. This murder alone was a wake-up call for all the Americans who claimed themselves to be more considerate towards races.

This issue was not only highlighted in American society but became a bone of contention in the entire world. It is time that America stands up for this cause and makes a positive impact on diversity.

One of the main reasons that this issue is still in place is because the student bodies are from a single race. Universities have been posing ideas about making themselves more diverse but were unable to make any substantial change to their student body.

There are very few universities and colleges across America who can claim themselves to be diverse enough. It is the cause that these institutions have been predominantly being run by a single race for centuries.

It is very difficult for such institutions to digest new students who come from different backgrounds. They must understand the significance of introducing diversity and their student bodies as well.

The idea behind this simple and it is to introduce diverse opinions about the overall growth of America. The nation needs a change in this regard so that it can leave a positive impact.