Pope Francis has criticized individuals who have traveled abroad just to celebrate Holidays. He was disappointed with the negligence people to have shown during the lockdowns to counter COVID-19.

People need to understand that their actions tend to affect every individual in their surroundings. Appeals to the public by the World Health Organization and the international community to stay at home during these holidays of Christmas and New Year, have gone unwarranted. People are still adamant to ignore the fact that they are dealing with a deadly coronavirus.

The Pope wants the people to understand that there are millions of people who are out of work because of coronavirus. And traveling abroad amidst the 2nd wave of coronavirus is not going to help these people at all.

He conducted the Sunday prayers behind the closed walls of a library to avoid mass gatherings. He wants people to commit to the very being of each other, and understand that the situation is bad for everyone. He has urged his followers across the world to ensure that the people around them are safe and secure. People need to understand that their little contribution to containing the virus can go a long way in helping humanity.

As the vaccine distribution drive is in full swing, people are urged to stay calm and patient. Pope Francis has also encouraged the other countries to help their people in getting the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible to contain the virus.