Due to the pandemic, many American voters used the mail-in voting system. But this kind of voting system led to chaos and it affected the credibility of the presidential elections.

People were asked to cast their vote using the mail-in facility to avoid the increase in coronavirus cases. But it was not a test for the people; instead, it was a challenge for the Postal Service capacity and the election laws.

Some states can manage more mail-in votes than other states, which made a lot of difference in the overall conduct. Some of the ballots arrived days after the election, which led to the politicization of the elections.

It was highly unappreciated by Donald Trump and his allies as they referred to it to be a loophole for rigging. This kind of lead time was politicized among the Republicans as they were losing due to the mail-in votes.

It is estimated that over 22 states had lead times that were extended, because of the late-arriving ballots. This kind of pattern was giving hope to the people to see a completely unprecedented result of these elections.

Although it was believed that the number of the mail-in votes are not large, but they are significant enough to make a change. It was also pointing fingers towards the regulations for the elections that would later on challenged by the Trump allies.

There was a grace period provision so the other mail-in votes could be counted efficiently and arrived on a date. Although in Wisconsin, the Supreme Court had to go against the grace period for April to be applicable in November.

It is a common belief that if the grace period is large enough, it would ultimately lead to a fair share of late ballots. Amidst all this chaos going on, another problem of when to vote was faced by the people on a large scale.

The regulations for the elections were questioned and people were asked to vote-by-mail with poor litigations in place. This led to a chaotic election and left room for politicians to make a rough judgment about elections.

It is still believed by many people that this voting system was free and fair, and people were educated about it. The number of late ballots compared to the millions which were on time is a small insignificant amount.