According to reports, a Cleveland police officer was killed in a carjacking while off duty early Friday evening.

As per FOX 8 in Cleveland, responding cops quickly identified the stolen car and apprehended a suspect. Neither the cop who was killed, been shot twice nor the assassin were named immediately.

According to, citing law enforcement sources, the incident occurred in the city’s Kamm’s area, and the officer died at the hospital after being rushed there by ambulance.

According to FOX 8, the officer was a new member of the city’s force who operated on the city’s northeast side in the 5th District.

The city’s new police chief, a police union head, and the mayor-elect all expressed their condolences, according to the station.

“My heart breaks for the family and our officers. Senseless. It just does not make sense “, says the new police chief, Wayne Drummond.

“We are heartbroken by this news and beg for prayers,” stated Jeff Follmer, the Cleveland Police Union President.

“This evening is dedicated to the family of the officer who was killed today. I only encourage Clevelanders to remember the family in their prayers “Justin Bibb, the mayor-elect, said. “Let us all be cautious this evening. Keep yourself safe and healthy. I’d also want to thank those members of law enforcement that came out to support us this evening.”

Justin Bibb tweeted that “Our hearts are heavy tonight as we grieve the death of one of our Cleveland police officers who was slain this evening while off-duty.” Please pray for the officer and his family at this terrible time.”

For the first time since September 2020, a Cleveland police officer has been killed in a shooting.