Three people were pronounced dead and one injured when a small plane collided with an SUV in South Florida. The crash happened just after the aircraft took off from the North Perry Airport in South Florida.

The plane hit a power line before crashing into a residential area according to the Pembroke Pines Fire-Rescue Department. The plane immediately burst into flames after hitting the SUV, resulting in the death of both the passengers aboard the plane, while two others were injured.

A small Beechcraft Bonanza involved in the crash is a single-engine airplane. When the police and fire rescue teams arrived at the crash scene, the young boy was still present in the SUV while the woman had pulled herself out from the wreckage.

Both the car passengers were shifted to the hospital where the young boy succumbed to his injuries. The condition of the woman is said to be critical.

A video was captured that showed the SUV heading towards the plane when it crashed into it like a firebolt from the sky. It collided and exploded, leaving behind a heavy cloud of smoke.

There have been five air crash incidents in this area during the last year, and that’s a cause of concern for the authorities. Four of these air accidents were fatal and resulted in the loss of precious human lives.

There are many flight schools in the close premises of the North Perry Airport but whether the pilot of this airplane was one of the students of the said schools or not; is still unclear.

The names and ages of the airplane occupants were not released.

The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board investigation teams arrived at the crash scene immediately to investigate the reasons behind the fatal accident. The Pembroke Pines police cordoned off the crash site and also closed the street near the site.