Celia Walden has joined in on the scolding of Meghan Markle, following her husband Piers Morgan‘s lead.

The 45-year-old novelist and journalist have taken a dig at Duchess Meghan Markle in a new interview, after her explosive conversation with Oprah Winfrey in March – which resulted in Piers’ departure from Good Morning Britain.

Celia, enraged, has characterized Meghan’s behaviour as “impudent and nasty,” siding with her husband’s assessment of the former Suits star.

Celia has said unequivocally that she disagrees with Piers’ decision to leave the set, but has admitted that she is gradually becoming a royalist.

Piers’ wife stated that her views on the Royal family are becoming to resemble those of her husband, and she is siding with him.

Piers Morgan drew the ire of Ofcom when he said that he refused to accept the Duchess Of Sussex’s remarks during the interview were genuine.

Meghan detailed her struggles with mental health while serving as a Royal Family’s senior member and her experience with racial prejudice inside the Royal family.

It concluded with the controversial television personality storming off the air and subsequently resigning as host of the midday program.

In an interview with Fox News in the United States, Piers Morgan stated: “With regards to her interview, we all now know that at least 17 statements made by Meghan Markle were proved to be false.

“So I’m not sure when I’m not required to apologise for doubting someone who is palpably a liar.”