Who is not on Instagram? Most of the youngsters and almost every notable brand has an Instagram handle. Therefore, there is no need to put lengthy details about this global social media video and photo-sharing platform. However, because youth is getting Insta-awakened day by day, therefore, parents also have to keep an eye on their growing adolescents and teens. And for this, there are Instagram viewing platforms such as Picuki.

Picuki Instagram has become a hot topic since people have come to know that you can view Instagram activity without being on Instagram and that too free of cost. Well, we have also done some research on this brilliant tool and therefore we are sharing it with you guys.

The moment we hear about Picuki there are many questions that fill our head, such as: What is this tool? How to use it? Is Picuki Instagram the same? And many other FAQs. We will address all one by one and for some of the abrupt, Pocuki related FAQs you can scroll down to the end of this review.

For starters, you would want to know “what is Picuki”? Therefore, let’s start from here.

Picuki Overview

To begin with, Picuki is an Instagram viewing online tool that lets you have access to and view Instagram profiles without logging into Instagram or even if you don’t have an account. Moreover, you can also edit and download Instagram photos and videos.

Picuki Instagram is a Solution

Picuki is the best solution if you are someone who doesn’t have an account on Instagram or if you are someone who wants to have access to Instagram activity, without logging in. Apart from that because there is no charge on its usage, nor an account is required, therefore, your footprints are also not recorded. In short, you can use Instagram through Picuki Instagram in incognito mode.

Picuki is a Free Public Tool

You can use Pickuki without any cost or worry about subscriptions. It is totally free of charge. Well, this might make you wonder, how can any digital tool like this be free of charge.

Picuki Instagram makes money through Google Ads (Google Adsense). Therefore it has no need to ask its users for any kind of fee.

There is no limit on the use of Picuki

If it’s free, it doesn’t mean that you will have any kind of limitation in the usage. You can view as many profiles as you want. Moreover, you also have the freedom to use this tool for editing Instagram pictures, downloading photos and videos from Instagram, viewing as many stories as you want, etc. Apart from that, the usage of this tool is also not dependent on any boundaries, you can use it anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection and browser.

Picuki is a User-friendly Application

While Instagram has its complexities, Pocuki is very simple to use and understand on the other hand. Anyone will be able to use the application, as the interface is beginner-friendly. Moreover, regardless of whichever system you use, be it mac or windows or Chromebooks, or whichever browser you prefer – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safar, you will be able to access this tool. Apart from that if you want to use it on your smartphone or iPhone, you can easily use this application on any device that has a stable internet connection.

Picuki Instagram is an Instagram Photo Editor

There are many Instagram viewing applications and tools over the internet that let you access Instagram profiles and download photos and videos. However, Picuki Instagram is the unique Instagram viewing application that allows you to edit the pictures as well.

This further intrigues your guts on wanting to know how to use Picuki Instagram. You won’t have to wait because the next part is all about how-tos on the Pikuki platform.

Using Picuki Application

Here we will go one by one, with the features of what you can do with Picuki Instagram along with that we will also give you a step-by-step process on how to do those.

How to browsing Instagram Profile on Picuki?

You can view any Instagram profile via Picuki, but only the private accounts would not be visible or accessible. However, you can use Youtube hacks for getting access and visibility to Instagram Red Key profiles. Being said that, to browse an Instagram profile on Picuki Instagram, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open https://www.picuki.com/ on your web browser.

Step 2: Next, type out the username of the Instagram profile on the search bar and press “Enter”.

Step 3: Now, select the account you want access to from the below list and click on it.

This will enable you to open and access the Instagram account you want to see.

How to browse Tags and Posts on Picuki Instagram?

Apart from the names, you can also search for the popular tags and posts on Instagram through this tool. The process is simple and easy.

Step 1: Open Picuki Instagram on your browser and click on the search bar.

Step 2: Now type out your desired tag in the search bar instead of the username.

Step 3: Once the result appears, you will find “Tags” click on that.

Step 4: This will bring more suggestions of popular tags and posts on Instagram, click on the one you wish to view.

How to edit Instagram Photos on Picuki Instagram?

You can use this app to edit the pictures of the Instagram profiles that you are viewing. It gives you a lot of options, for example, you can change brightness and contrast, apply filters, crop or resize, etc. To edit the pictures on Pikuki Instagram follow the given steps below.

Step 1: Open the Picuki app on the browser and search for the profile of whom you want to edit the picture.

Step 2: Once the profile opens, click on the picture you want to edit.

Step 3: Now scroll a little and find the option “Edit” option at the bottom of the picture click on that and you will be able to edit the picture.

How to download Instagram Photos and Videos?

Another feature that this app offers is that it makes it possible to download exclusive Instagram pictures and videos. You cannot do it on Instagram, but you can surely do it from here. To download the videos and photos follow the steps below.

Step 1: Follow Step 1 to Step 3 from editing pictures through the Pickuki Instagram process.

Step 2: Once the picture opens, instead of clicking on “Edit” which is below the picture, click on “Download” which is right next to “Edit”.

How to view Insta Stories without leaving Footprints?

Picuki Instagram allows you to view Insta stories as well. If you wish to view Insta stories without letting the profile know about it, then follow the steps below.

Step1: Open the Picuki Instagram application on the browser and search for the profile whose story you want to view.

Step 2: Now open their profile and click on the “Story”.

Step 3: Now find the “Story” icon at the bottom of the page and click on it to view the stories anonymously.

How to view Trends of Instagram via Picuki Instagram?

Another feature that this application holds is that with the help of this app, you will be up to date about what is going on on Instagram, without even being on the platform. To do that, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the Picuki Instagram app on your browser

Step 2: Find the “Trending” button at the top right corner of the page and click on it.

Step 3: This will bring all the top stories and happenings on Instagram. Now, if you want to see trends of some specific day, select it from the options given there.

Now that you know how to use this application, this would make a few wonder if Pocuki is part of Instagram. Well, to end that debate, have a look at the table below.

Picuki vs Instagram Debate

Tool to access Instagram profiles anonymouslyInstagram is a photo and video sharing platform
You can edit Instagram photosYou can use various business features to promote your brand
You can download Instagram pictures and videosYou can make your own social media presence and share content with your followers
You can view Instagram stories without leaving footprintsInstagram is also a free application, but you need to sign up and log in.
Pocuki is a free tool and it does not require any loginYou cannot download videos or pictures from Instagram.

We hope that you would have understood by now that Pikuki is not part of Instagram, but it is just an Instagram viewing application, which is a bit more advanced than its other alternatives.

Alternatives of Picuki Instagram

Like Picuki, there are many other Instagram viewers and photo and video downloaders. These applications use API ( Application Programming Interface), which picks up the data from Instagram, and then that data is converted into a database.

Here are the alternative options to Picuki Instagram.

After the thorough Pickuki review answering your Picuki Instagram debate and giving you alternatives for Picuki Instagram, let’s answer all of the most frequently asked questions regarding the tool.

Picuki Frequently Asked Question

What does Picuki focus on?

Are you looking for an application or a website that lets you edit, download and browse pictures, videos, and stories from Instagram of others, while not having the burden to manage your own Instagram handle?

This is exactly the purpose of Pikuki. You can do all of the above without making your account on either; Instagram or Pocuki.

Is Picuki a Legitimate and Legal Site?

Under the cyber laws, there is no law as of yet that prohibits anyone from either developing or using any site that helps in downloading videos and photos from Instagram, nor does it prohibit editing Instagram photos or using Instagram anonymously.

Is Picuki a Safe Site to use?

Picuki does not require a login in order to use it. Therefore, you don’t have to provide any personal data that would reveal any of your information. Thus, Picuki will not be able to save or have access to any of the activities you do on the site or your personal information.

Is Picuki a Tool of Instagram?

Picuki and Instagram are two different digital platforms. Pickuki is a way to remain active on Instagram and get its daily dose of happenings without having an account on Instagram, along with the ability to download videos and photos from Instagram and edit them as well. However, Instagram is a social media platform that allows account holders to share pictures and videos among their followers. Moreover, you can’t do many things through Picuki that you can do via Instagram. Therefore, No Picuki is not part of Instagram.

What Features does Picuki have?

There are multiple things that you can do on Picuki.com anonymously including editing pictures of the accounts you search on Picuki, downloading the videos and pictures of the Instagram users that you search, getting updates of trends on Instagram along searching stories, hashtags, and profiles. Moreover, if you have an Instagram account and you use it for your business, you can easily keep a close eye on your competitors’ works without letting them know and find out the top trending keywords, and hashtags that you can use to your advantage.

What Features are not on Picuki that are on Instagram?

While Picuki offers ample features to be used as a photo editor for Instagram pictures, Instagram pictures downloader, and more, there are a few limitations that it has. You are unable to engage with the contents of the Instagram users that you search on Picuki, you can’t open or access Instagram’s private profiles or Red Key Accounts, adjust Instagram profiles or create any new posting material for an account.

Why can’t I view Instagram Stories on Picuki?

To view Instagram stories on Picuki, you have to make sure that the time and date are updated. If the time and date are not updated as per your location, you won’t be able to view any stories on Instagram. Hence, we recommend you to put the time and date settings on auto on your PC or laptop, so you don’t have to face this issue as your time and date would get updated automatically according to your location.

Can I block anyone on Instagram by using Picuki.com?

Picuki has a blocking feature. If you wish to block someone on Instagram, all you have to do is first search their profile and open it. There you will find three dots at the upper right corner of your screen. Tap on it. This will bring a drop-down menu. Find “Block” and click.

Why is Picuki.com showing an error or not opening?

Picuki is an online tool and you will rarely find the site down. If you happen to face this issue, first check if the site is down at the moment you tried opening it via isitdownrightnow.com. If the site is down, you will know it, and if the results show it the other way round, then we recommend you to check whether your internet is working fine or if you are having any technical issues. Try resolving it by clearing out your browser cache and or by adjusting your browser settings, etc.

Will the Instagram User know if I search them on Picuki or download their Pictures or Videos?

You must have been careful not to open any stories or tap a heart accidentally on Instagram, but when you are using Picuki, don’t worry, because none of your activity would be revealed to anyone. You can use it without fear of getting your footprints recorded.

Is it possible to view or access Instagram’s Private Accounts (Red key Profiles)?

Officially on the site, there is no such feature and it is a limitation as discussed above. However, there are many hacks that YouTubers have revealed, you can search it and get through a private profile via that explained hack.

Does Picuki have any Subscription Charges or is it Free?

Picuku does not ask any user to make their account, therefore, there is no subscription fee. Moreover, you can use all the Picuki features free of cost as the main source of income of Pucuki is through Google Ads (Google Adwords). Hence, Pikuki is a free site to use for visitors.

Who is the Owner of Picuki.com?

As per the official site, the real name of Picuki’s owner hasn’t been revealed, nor is it anywhere on the internet yet. However, if you need to contact any team member from Picuki’s management team, then you can click on this link https://www.picuki.com/page/contact_us. However, know that they won’t entertain any application for image deletion.

Final Words

Picuki Instagram has become a hot topic since people have come to know that you can view Instagram activity without being on Instagram and that too free of cost. Well, we have also done some research on this brilliant tool and therefore we are sharing it with you guys.

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