Conor McGregor was beaten by Dustin Poirier on Saturday night at UFC 264 after the “Notorious” seemed to hurt his leg towards the conclusion of the first round.

Poirier maintained control of McGregor on the mat for most of the first round. McGregor attempted to guillotine Dustin Poirier, but Poirier was able to escape and outmatch McGregor.

McGregor was eventually able to regain his footing. He attempted to avoid a Poirier shot and, as he moved back, his ankle seemed to get trapped under him.

McGregor was knocked down and seemed to indicate that his ankle or leg was fractured after the round’s conclusion.

Poirier was awarded the victor after a physician stoppage. He was dealt with on a technicality.

“Diamond,” said that he believed McGregor broke his leg early in the first round and aggravated it towards the conclusion of the round. McGregor remained on the canvas throughout Poirier’s victory announcement. He was subsequently removed from the scene on a stretcher.

Poirier mocked McGregor after his victory. He said that he did not like some of the trash language directed at him by McGregor during the week.

According to Poirier, McGregor was stuffing his fingers inside his glove throughout the bout. He said that he attempted to inform the referee.

Poirier also called him a dirtbag.

McGregor continued to hurl obscenities at Poirier and his wife during his interview with Joe Rogan. McGregor said that the two parties’ business was not concluded. McGregor compared his feelings to those of Anderson Silva, who fractured his leg about a few years ago.

Dustin Poirier improved to 28-6 overall, while McGregor dropped to 22-6.