Philadelphia – Three people died following a car crashed into a Philadelphia SEPTA station in the Kensington neighborhood on Tuesday, police reported.

“BREAKING:  3 Dead in gruesome crash scene into @SEPTA Allegheny train station of Frankford Market Line.    Honda Pilot driver dead, two pedestrians dismembered, one decapitated, in horrific accident before 3am.   Another victim stable at hospital,” a FOX 29 Philadelphia reporter Tweeted.

The incident killed two pedestrians, a woman and a man and left one ‘ ‘decapitated’ as per New York Post reporting.

“At least 3 dead, including pedestrians, were “decapitated and dismembered” after an SUV crashed into Allegheny train station at “high speed,” a source Tweeted after the incident.

Allegedly, the driver who also died in the accident was over speeding at 100 mph prior to the incident, an official told a Fox News reporter.

According to the state Police Chief Inspector, Scott Small, the incident happened on Tuesday at around 2:45 in the morning when an on-duty officer at Kensington Avenue and Allegheny Avenue noted a car over speeding.

“The officer heard the vehicle first and believes it was easily going 100 miles per hour,” said the Chief Inspector.

“The car jumped the curb and hit a turn-style, hit three pedestrians and then struck the Allegheny Avenue SEPTA station,” authorities detailed the accident.

Small called the incident ‘really gruesome’ as it left one victim beheaded whose body later got burned after the vehicle caught fire.

Another victim whose body has been retrieved in a severely mangled condition by the official is believed to be a woman, Philadelphia police said. They further added that the car driver, as well as the two pedestrians, died at the scene however the fourth victim was immediately driven to Temple University Hospital.

As of Tuesday morning, Kensington and Allegheny avenues were closed due to security concerns. All scheduled trains will bypass the station because of the last night’s crash, SEPTA’s Kelly Greene reported.