In the case of the 73-year-old Philadelphia man who was beaten to death with a traffic cone, a 14-year-old kid has been charged with third-degree murder, according to sources.

14-year-old Richard Jones is being prosecuted as an adult for the June 24 homicide of James Lambert, and he’s also suspected of criminal conspiracy, according to Fox 29 Philadelphia.

According to the Police, Jones was the first one to strike James Lambert using a traffic cone and a female suspect has also been identified as hitting the old man at least 3 times in the CCTV footage.

When Fox News Digital reached out to the Philadelphia Police Department for comment on Wednesday, they did not immediately respond to the request.

On Monday, Jones and his younger brother, who is 10 years old, presented themselves to the homicide unit of the Philadelphia Police Department for their suspected participation in the crime.

A Fox29 Philadelphia story said that the younger sibling was released by police without any charges being brought against him.

Video of the incident shows a group of teenagers running after the guy on a street in northwest Philadelphia before slamming into him with traffic cones just before 3:00 am, according to police.

As the victim was followed down the street by other juvenile suspects, one of them seemed to videotape the crime on a mobile phone.

Lambert was rushed to a hospital, but he died the next day from his injuries.

“I just don’t understand what’s going on in our city,” Lambert’s niece said to Fox 29 Philadelphia. “He’s walked that path for 60, 70 years of his life, and for his life to be snuffed out like that, is just unbelievable.”

Those who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of each offender are eligible for a $20,000 reward. Police in Philadelphia are still looking for five other suspects, two of whom are black males and three of whom are black girls in their teens.