One high school football player was killed and four others were wounded as a result of a drive-by shooting that took place outside of a suburban Philadelphia high school. Two gunmen fired a total of more than 69 bullets at the students, who were unaware that they were being targeted.

Photos taken on Tuesday show the Roxborough High School squad in a huddle only moments before the gunshots sounded out as the players were leaving the field. The images are heartbreaking.

As the search for the perpetrators continues, the age of the student who passed away has been revealed to be 14.

After cordoning off the area surrounding the murder site, law enforcement officials said that the shooting took place shortly after a football scrimmage outside Roxborough High School at about 4:30 in the afternoon.

The five football players were reportedly walking off the football field at the school when at least two attackers opened fire from a Ford Explorer with a hail of bullets.

The police say that the victim, who was a teenager, was shot, and that he eventually succumbed to his wounds, and two of the deceased’s teammates, ages 14 & 17, were also injured and were brought to the Einstein Medical Center in stable condition.

According to the cops, a fourth player had a graze wound, but the injury did not need medical attention. However, no information on the health of the fifth victim, who was also taken to the hospital, has been made public.

It was stated that three schools from the Philadelphia region participated in the scrimmage: the junior varsity boy’s football team from Boys Latin Charter School, Northeast High School, and Roxborough High School.

According to initial information provided by the Philadelphia Police Department, when officers arrived at the scene, they discovered two victims aged 14 years old and one victim aged 17-year-old all suffering from gunshot wounds.

Chest trauma was the cause of death for the 14-year-old who finally succumbed to his injuries.

Despite the fact that there were apparently multiple witnesses who observed the killing, which may have included as many as four killers, law enforcement has not yet reported making an arrest in connection with the case.