Philadelphia – A hospital nurse shot his co-worker and fled the scene. Later the assailant got severely injured in a gunfight with the police. Till now, two officers have been reported wounded.

On Monday morning, a 55-year-old nurse, allegedly wearing a scrub, shot his co-worker on the 9th floor of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, right after 12 am – revealed Danielle Outlaw, the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, in a news conference.

Outlaw further stated, the authorities are looking into the crime scene to figure out what possibly happened between the two workers that ended up in killing. They further said that the officials are checking the history of both the men for any prior conflict.

Right after the killing, the shooter left the scene in his U-Haul box truck. After a short while, a person alerted four cops of the shooter’s location as he was passing a nearby school.

As per Outlaw, officers saw the assailant in body armor, carrying several guns, including a semi-auto gun and a rifle.

On seeing the officers, the killer targeted the officers and opened fire on all. Two cops were struck, one got an injury on his elbow, and the second one suffered a graze on the nose. The officers shot the killer two times, one on the neck and on the body. However, he is expected to survive.

The officers involved in the shooting suffered mild injuries.