An employee of a local hospital in Wisconsin destroyed more than 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Media reports suggest that it was an intentional act, and he has been arrested for his wrongdoing.

In an investigative report, it is believed that over 500 doses of coronavirus vaccine were destroyed. The incident took place at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton where the pharmacist was eventually arrested. This negligent behavior of the pharmacist has resulted in damage cost amounting to $10,000.

The destruction of vaccines is deemed as a violation of the moral values that Aurora Medical Center champions. The vaccine shots were thawed twice which means that they were practically ineffective to use.

The first batch of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna was rolled out in December for 20 million Americans. This vaccine is distributed among the masses as states are receiving a new vaccine every day. To date, only around 3 million people have been vaccinated where the government estimated 20 million people to be vaccinated by now.

Many people were treated with the ineffective vaccine and now they have been notified. Aurora Medical Center has taken necessary steps to ensure that the people with the ineffective vaccine are not at risk.

Although Operation Warp Speed is supposed to provide vaccination in time, there have been some distribution lags. These lags are causing problems that need to be addressed immediately by the government