The entire country is looking towards Pfizer to roll out its first vaccine in the US as the FDA has given its approval. Pfizer was looking for emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA and now they have got it.

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is a medical marvel, and it is a memorable moment in mankind’s history. This moment will go down in history as one of the greatest achievements of medical sciences.

Great Britain has already started using the vaccine, while the USA is going to start it in mid-December. Pfizer’s vaccine will soon be shipped to the United States of America while keeping the temperature at -94 degrees Fahrenheit.

McKesson Corporation is going to take care of the provision of medical aid equipment to Pfizer. Pfizer aims to target the six major US cities which are suffering the most from coronavirus cases.

The coronavirus cases have been on the rise during the second wave and Pfizer’s vaccine is a big relief. People have been waiting for the FDA’s approval so that Pfizer’s vaccine can be made available to them.

Donald Trump has also announced this news of FDA’s approval to Pfizer through his Twitter account. People have been cherishing the moment as they are happy about Operation Warp Speed’s dedication.

Many people are calling it a medical miracle, and they are happy to get the vaccine. It was believed that this vaccine will take more than two years to be manufactured and another year for mass production.

The Vice President, Pence has urged the people to stay hopeful in this tough situation as the vaccine will reach every home. People have waited long enough for this vaccine to roll out to the masses and the wait is over.

People should come together and try to be patient about the situation that the vaccine is going to come to them eventually. People have shown great determination to fight the pandemic.

The people deserve nothing less than applause and especially the health workers who devoted their lives. They are going to be the first ones to receive the vaccine as many of them lost their lives to it.

Every American citizen will be given the vaccine to make sure that life comes back to normal. It is time for the Americans to come out of their homes as life will be normal again.