Peru- A strong earthquake of magnitude 5.6 hits the cities of Lima and Callao in the early hours of Friday morning.

According to the IGP, “the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.6 degrees, and its epicenter was located 19 kilometers northeast of the capital.”

The Geophysical Institute of Peru reported that “the earthquake had an intensity of V-VI and a depth of 116 kilometers so that thousands of people when they felt the telluric movement ran into the streets to get to safety.”

According to the Hydrography and Navigation Directorate of the Peruvian Navy, “the strong earthquake does not create a tsunami risk on the Peruvian coast.”

The regions of Amazon and Tacna were also hit by medium-intensity tremors at approximately the same time.

The first tremor occurred in the ‘heroic city” with a magnitude of 4.3 which has an epicenter located around 18 kilometers in the east of Tarata while having a depth of 12 kilometers.

As for the Amazon, it was hit by a tremor again after a powerful earthquake of 7.5 magnitudes hit it on the 28th of November 2021. Today’s tremor had an intensity of 4.0 degrees on the Richter scale.

The geophysical institute of Peru stated that the earthquake took place in the east of Santa Maria de Nieva, condorcanqui- Amazonas about 107 km in the east having a depth of 131 kilometers.

So far, no human casualties or injuries have been reported in Peru but the geophysical institute declared that there might be aftershocks of higher or lesser magnitude to follow.

Jorge Munoz, the mayor of Lima announced that he will go to the area which was the epicenter of the earthquake to do an inspection on a personal level. He also announced that he will check out the damages to the homes himself in the nearby areas like Cercado de Lima, Barrios Altos, or Rimac where mostly old houses are still in use.